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Report Card Details For District Report, 11-C014-000
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The A-F Report Card is comprised of two sections each worth one-half of the overall grade: Student Performance and Student Growth. Schools can also earn up to 10 bonus points (depending on site type).  Click on the links to see more detail about each calculation.

Report type is determined by highest grade taught.

  • Elementary = Highest grade up to 6th grade
  • Middle School = Highest grade 7th - 10th
  • High School = Highest grade 11th - 12th

Basic Formula: 
(Student Performance * Multiplier) +
(Growth Performance * Multiplier) +
(Bottom 25 Growth Performance * Multiplier) +
(Total Bonus Points)  =        
Overall School Grade

Multipliers are determined by overal number of students in each section. (10 or more to qualify)

Data Sources:
Summer 2012 Testing data - Pearson
Winter 2012 Testing data - CTB McGraw-Hill
Spring 2013 Testing data - CTB McGraw-Hill
OAAP Test data - Pearson

Report Card Details View Report Card PDF
District: Norwood C014
School: District Report 000
Grade Span: PK - 08
Type: District
Grade: 58
Letter Grade: F
ComponentIndexMultiplierWeighted Points
Student Performance4950%24.50
Overall Student Growth6125%15.25
Bottom 25% Growth3425%8.50
Bonus Points10n/a10
Total  58.25
Algebra I33100.00 %
Mathematics109109100.00 %
Reading109109100.00 %
Science3535100.00 %
Writing3535100.00 %
Total291291100.00 %
2013 Student Performance
SubjectProficient CountTotal Student CountPerformance IndexLetter Grade
Reading/English II/English III539655F
Math/Algebra I/Algebra II/Geometry449944F
Science/Biology I113234F
US History000N/A
Overall Student Growth
SubjectGrowth Point CountStudent CountPerformance IndexLetter Grade
Reading/English II/English III496872C
Math/Algebra I/Algebra II/Geometry357050F
Bottom Quartile Student Growth
SubjectGrowth Point CountTotal Student CountPerformance IndexLetter Grade
Reading/English II/English III71644F
Math/Algebra I/Algebra II/Geometry41625F
Bonus Points
CategoryBonus Points
Attendance Rate6
Dropout Rate2
Advanced Coursework2

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