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Title I




          In compliance with the Title I laws and regulations, the following policies of Norwood Public School concerning teachers and parental involvement in the Title I program have been adopted.


            All parents of Norwood students will be invited to our spring organizational meeting in May.  At this meeting input and suggestions will be solicited in planning the next school year's Title I program.  Additions and amendments to our written policies will be discussed and plans for parent in-service will be addressed.  We will take names for parent volunteers as teacher assistants in the language arts, math and reading classes at this meeting.


            In August, we will have a meeting to present our goals and objectives for the Title I program for this school year.  All parents, teachers, and other interested parties will be invited to attend.  A copy of the District Site Plan will be available upon written request in the office.  During the August Open House, parents and community members will have an opportunity to meet and greet Norwood Staff as well as see classrooms and schedules for the upcoming school year.   Teachers are available daily to discuss and answer parents' questions and concerns regarding the progress of the Norwood students.


            Establishing effective and ongoing two-way communications between the school, staff, and parents/guardians is an important aspect of our Title I program.  Therefore, during the school year we will have several scheduled parent/teacher conferences that all parents are expected to attend to discuss the progress made by the students.  Student achievement will be reported each nine-week period.  Classroom sessions will also be open for parent observation with a scheduled appointment through the office.


1.       Norwood School's Needs Assessment will be based on state tests and Star Reading and Math as well as ITBS & OSTP scores.  Also teacher recommendations and teacher-made tests will be used for assessment purposes.

2.      Norwood School will provide tutoring by certified teachers for grades PK-08.  This service will be provided before and after school as well as during school hours.

a.      Team teaching will be utilized in some of the areas of weakness as shown by these tests.

b.      The state Tests, Star Reading and Math tests, Star Early Literacy and ITBS scores in K-2nd will be used to evaluate our program.

c.      Our technology programs will be incorporated with Title I school-wide programs.

d.      Keyboarding, word processing, and other basics of computer literacy will be taught.

3.       Norwood School has a total of seventeen (17) teachers.  Our teachers have varied degrees, with the majority having a master's degree in the areas they teach.  We have three master teachers certified in Reading.  We have six teachers with masters in education, and one teacher with National Board Certification in Early Adolescent English Language Arts.  We have one full-time library assistant and one certified elementary superintendent.  Our technology program is administered by a teacher with a masters in business administration.

4.      Our teachers and teacher assistants have several opportunities to participate in workshops before school begins in the fall and throughout the school year.

5.      In an effort to increase parental-involvement in our school we are offering the following:

a.      Open-House in early August

b.      Parent Newsletters on a monthly basis

c.      Parent-Teacher conferences two (2) times during the year.  (1st & 3rd 9 weeks)

d.      Grade report to parents every five weeks with an invitation to come visit or to call their child's teacher.

e.      Join with parents in written parent-teacher compacts.

6.      Offer help to students in the transition from Headstart to Kindergarten.  Teacher assistants will be used to help with the transition.  Norwood, also will offer a Pre-Kindergarten for four-year old children to bridge the gap between Headstart and five-year old Kindergarten class.  Teacher assistants will be employed to aid in the transition.

7.      All Norwood teachers will be involved in the assessment of our program.  At the end of the year we will determine the strengths and weaknesses which may exist and build on strengths demonstrated.

8.     We are offering a before-school and after-school tutoring program.  These classes will be taught by certified teachers and assisted by teacher assistants or paraprofessionals.  Extra help in the classroom will be provided by teacher assistants or paraprofessionals during the school day.  The Star Reading, Star Math, Star Early Literacy, Study Island Benchmarks, ITBS, State test, & OAAP tests, and teacher recommendations will also be used in determining students who may need more detailed assistance.


Norwood School

Parent-School Compact

The parents and children participating in activities, service, and programs funded by Title, I Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) agree that this compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the State's high standards.  


School Commitment

Student Commitment

Parent Commitment

         Provide time to meet with parents to share concerns, and help develop home activities that correlate with school activities.

         Provide an instructional learning environment where each child can develop his or her individual abilities to the fullest extent to meet the state's challenging student performance standards.

         Provide a safe, secure environment conducive to learning in which parents are welcomed to volunteer.

         Provide homework assignments that build on classroom learning.

         Provide frequent reports such as report cards, progress reports, standardized test results, or homework folders, to parents concerning their child's performance..

         Provide extended learning opportunities that will develop individual thinking and reasoning and promote classroom excellence.

         Provide opportunities such as Open House, Conferences, Read Nights, etc. that will enable parents to become involved in their child's learning experiences.

        I will  study at home, at least ten minutes per grade level, per day.

         I will complete and turn in all class and homework assignments.

         I will be on time and prepared for class with the necessary supplies and assignments.

         I will show good manners, respect for self and other, and make responsible choices.

         I will gracefully accept the positive or negative outcomes of my choices.

         I will plan study time to avoid conflicts with other activities.



         I will require regular school attendance.

         As my child's first, and most important teacher, I will be a positive role model in decision making, manners, respect, and responsible behaviors and encourage my child to model the same.

         I will establish a study time and monitor my child's homework.

         I will make every effort to meet with my child's teachers at scheduled sessions and/or before concerns become a problem.

         I will read to my child, or listen to him or her read to me daily.

         I understand that I am welcome to volunteer in my child's classsroom, and participate in all school activities.



Teacher's Signature


Student"s Signature


Parent's Signature



The Norwood School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.  The superintendent has been designated to handle inquires regarding the non-discrimination policies.